Sue Ontiveros

Sue Ontiveros' story


Natural health has been an important part of Sue's life that began with infertility challenges. Wanting to create an optimal environment for a tiny baby to grow, she began researching what foods would be important in reaching this goal.  She changed her diet dramatically during what she called 'pregnancy training' time. Happily, on March 2, 1989 Sue and her then husband, Michael, received the wonderful news! They were expecting baby. 

This was just the beginning of what would become a life-long commitment to maintaining optimal health for Sue and her family. Imagine seeking out organic vegetables and fruits 30 years ago! There was only one health food store and it was 30 minutes from home, but her budding belly made it all worthwhile. 

As information changes, it's important to keep up, Sue says.  A voracious reader, she is constantly learning how to best treat not only her body, but that of her clients.  After speaking with Sue, I understand why her clients love her. 


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