Meet Your Therapist  


Sue Ontiveros LMT, CT


Furthering a life-long commitment to improving peoples lives through practical wellness therapies, "Essentials for Health" was founded in 2008.


Graduating from the Sun Coast School of Massage in Tampa, Sue went on to continue her education in the specialized field of colon therapy at the Wood Hygienic Institute in Kissimmee, ultimately passing with high honors both of the required state board exams.


"Essentials for Health" sees a diverse clientele through teleconference and Zoom.  We have helped elevate the health of our clients, from children as young as  six to seniors in their nineties.  Sue Ontiveros is licensed with the state of Florida (MA50747 MM22015). Essentials for Health is proud to be the highest rated office in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.


In August 2011 a colleague introduced Sue to LifeVantage.  She became thoroughly convinced, through her research and personal experiences, of the significant health benefits available through the reduction in oxidative stress and Nrf2 activation. Sue is passionately and continuously learning about the advancements in natural healing and would welcome the opportunity to share her knowledge with you about LifeVantage and their expanding line of products: Protandim, TrueScience, Axio, and Canine Health.


Another significant ingredient in Sue’s "Essentials for Health” regime is to help her client’s apply the work of Dr. Peter D’Adamo and the blood type diet.  Dr. D’Adamo's invaluable research in the fields of naturopathic and integrative medicine have been applied by thousands of doctors, and more importantly for Sue, she has seen the tremendous benefits in her own life and the many clients who have lost weight, stopped the need for insulin injections, lowered cholesterol, regulated their digestion, etc.  Sue encourages all her her clients to follow the blood-type guidelines, and is available for consultation on this most beneficial dietary program.

Colon Therapist Sue Ontiveros, St Pete, Clearwater, Tampa, Sarasota