Readers ask: What Type Of Wood Is Best For A Sauna?

Western Red Cedar is our preferred wood of choice for sauna. Colorful in appearance with various hues, cedar is stable, but soft and resists warping under heat and humidity changes prevalent in a sauna.. Cedar also has a low density making it a good insulator, quick to heat and quick to cool down.

What is the best wood to build a sauna?

Best Wood for a Home Sauna The most popular choices are cedar saunas. Cedar planks have a beautiful look, a pleasant smell and remain cool enough to sit on comfortably. They’re also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Other top sauna wood choices include poplar, basswood and hemlock.

Can you use any wood in a sauna?

Softwoods, like eucalyptus, cedar, and basswood are all great in that regard. This why they are perfect for sauna use. There are several types of soft wood, so it’s important to choose one that works for your sauna and your budget. Likewise, woods with excess sap in them should also be avoided.

Is pine OK for sauna?

First and foremost, when constructing a sauna, choose a softwood as it will better absorb heat released from steam. Ideal varieties of softwoods are spruce, pine and cedar. Spruce is a light wood, mostly found in Nordic regions, such as Finland. It’s both practical and cost effective.

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Is Oak good for sauna?

Soft woods such as cedar are considered the best source of wood for a sauna. however a hard wood like oak which a dense lumber will hold the heat and can become so hot that it will burn skin on contact. Stay away from Sappy woods! Sappy woods such as Pine are a definite NO when it comes to sauna rooms.

Are cedar saunas toxic?

When a sauna made of cedar or redwood is turned on, these naturally occurring oils within the wood become heated and gas off a substance called cedrine. Cedrine attacks the central nervous system of insects and kills them. In some cases, it can also cause vomiting and convulsions in humans.

Do you need special wood for a sauna?

Some hardwoods such as Alder and Aspen have a lower density and offer a good compromise between durability and heat conduction, so are used in saunas. However, more often than not, softwoods with a good durability are used to build saunas such as cedar, spruce or pine.

Is plywood safe in a sauna?

But even formaldehyde- free plywood or MDF can emit chemicals such as isocyanurate. This chemical does eventually clear (unlike formaldehyde which is permanent), but it can take several months or more dissipate – particularly if it’s underneath a solid wood layer.

Is Cedar better than pine?

Cedar is generally regarded as the stronger and more durable of these two woods. It does not need any special treatment and stands up well to the elements, with a low risk of warping and shrinking. Pine, on the other hand, is more at risk of buckling, warping, and shrinking.

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Can you use spruce in a sauna?

Sauna Nordic spruce This can be used to produce high-quality wooden profiles for the Sauna. Sauna from spruce is known for its unmistakable scent, which contributes its part to the feel-good atmosphere in the Sauna.

Do you seal cedar in a sauna?

We recommend sealing the inside of a sauna especially the wooden benches with a special waterproof sauna sealant. This water-based sealant has no off gas even in high heat and will not discolor the inside of the sauna wood like other stains. Wood without a sealant will tend to stain the wood.

Are wood burning saunas good?

The soul-warming scent of a wood fire only adds to the other relaxing benefits of a sauna. Since wood burning stoves don’t run on electricity, there’s no need to have an electrician wire your sauna space for 220 volts, but there is a trade-off: you need to install a chimney or other type of vent.

What are Finnish saunas made of?

Finnish vihta (vasta in Eastern Finland), made of birch. It is used in traditional sauna-bathing for massage and stimulation of the skin.

What are sauna walls made of?

Sauna ceilings, walls and floors must be made from wood and be moisture resistant. The interior of the sauna is usually covered with wooden panelling for saunas and there is heat insulation between them and the wall. Mineral wool is used most often.

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