Often asked: How Do You Clean A Wood Sauna?

Maintaining and cleaning the sauna properly: Simply wipe off dust and dirt with a damp cloth. We recommend that you lightly moisten the cloth with the special sauna cleaner PURUVESI (see below for details). Important: please do not use a wet cloth so as not to damage the dry wood!

What do I clean my sauna with?

Clean saunas are the most effective and provide the most return on your investment. If you do happen to track dirt in your sauna, you can remove stains using a mild dish detergent mixed with warm water. To keep your sauna smelling fresh, mop the floors with a chemical-free, mild-detergent.

Can you clean a sauna with vinegar?

For a deeper clean, use a 10% solution of hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to scrub sauna. Rinse with water after you scrub. An alternative would be to buy special sauna cushions for your sauna to keep the sweat stains away. Wash the towels and sauna cushions to prevent the build-up of bacteria and mold on them.

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Can you use bleach to clean a sauna?

Sanding with a very fine grain sandpaper will restore them to pristine condition. If you see mold growing anywhere, you can clean your sauna with bleach or Bacterinol sauna cleaner. Be sure to repeat step #2 afterward, then air the sauna out until the bleach fully evaporates.

How do I protect my wooden sauna?

We recommend sealing the inside of a sauna especially the wooden benches with a special waterproof sauna sealant. This water-based sealant has no off gas even in high heat and will not discolor the inside of the sauna wood like other stains. It goes on like water quickly being absorbed into the wood.

What is sauna wood oil?

Sauna Wood Oil is a non-toxic penetrating oil that is infused with a special blend of 6 aromatic oils. This product is for us on all of the interior wood surfaces of your sauna. Regular use of this product will enhance your sauna experience as well as extend the life of your sauna.

Can you put essential oils in a sauna?

A: Essential oils are ideal for any sauna. You can purchase the essential oils and use them alone or mix them to make your unique blend. Before using the essential oils, however, always remember to dilute them.

How do you clean the glass in a sauna?

To clean the glass you will need a spray bottle mixed with water and white vinegar. Use a dry cloth, spray the glass with the white vinegar solution and wipe down the glass.

How do you get rid of mold in a sauna?

The process can be as simple as keeping a soft bristled hand brush in your sauna bucket. When finished using your sauna for the day, just dip the brush in your sauna bucket of water and do a quick scrub-down of the areas used. This could be areas such as benches, backrests, or walls.

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What is a sauna towel?

The ideal sauna towel is different to the ideal shower/bath towel. It’s thinner, less fluffy, and smaller. Woven, high-thread-count linen and cotton towels tend to work best. They can signal to your brain that it’s time to relax.

How do you clean and sanitize a sauna?

The best way to do this is to follow the CDC’s recommendations to use cleaning products with at least 70% isopropyl alcohol. Disinfecting a sauna is similar to a steam room: first clean the surfaces with soapy water and then clean the benches with 3% hydrogen peroxide straight from the bottle.

Do saunas get mold?

Unfortunately, due to the heat and humidity generated in a sauna in combination with human contact, it is the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow and flourish. There are some simple steps you can take to keep your sauna looking good as new and at the same time discourage the growth of mold and mildew.

Should I oil my sauna?

You should only use oil on the benches once or maybe twice a year, so the whole process is not really that time-consuming. It is important that you use protective oil only on freshly washed and cleaned sauna surfaces! You can find my best sauna-cleaning tips. Read more: How to clean the sauna.

Is Pine OK for sauna?

First and foremost, when constructing a sauna, choose a softwood as it will better absorb heat released from steam. Ideal varieties of softwoods are spruce, pine and cedar. Spruce is a light wood, mostly found in Nordic regions, such as Finland. It’s both practical and cost effective.

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How do you treat an outdoor wood sauna?

Outdoor Sauna Maintenance

  1. Clean the interior regularly.
  2. Replace your sauna stones if they crack or split.
  3. Contact us if you need replacement parts.
  4. Wash the exterior as needed.
  5. Address water seepage promptly.
  6. Stain it if you don’t like a weathered look.
  7. Apply a new coat of stain as needed.

What kind of oil do you use in a sauna?

Some simple combination ideas include citrus + peppermint for an energizing experience, pine + birch to go woodsy, and lavender + sandalwood for mental clarity and relaxation. Simply place a few drops of your favorite oil in a small container and place it in your sauna to be heated and enjoy.

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