FAQ: What Size Sauna Heater Do I Need?

As a general rule of thumb, a sauna heater needs 1 Kw to heat 50 cubic foot of room space. This is a general rule and an outdoor sauna or a sauna built on outside walls may need to have the heater oversized. As an example a 6’x7’x7′ sauna room should require a 5 Kw heater. (252 cubic feet divide by 50 = 5.04).

How do I choose a sauna heater?

The first thing to bear in mind when deciding which sauna heater to go for is the size of your sauna. The internal volume of your sauna will dictate which power heater you will require, as well as whether you have space for a small wall mounted heater, or larger standalone heater.

How many Btus does it take to heat a sauna?

But, A typical sauna stove generates 25-40,000 btus of heat per hour, so losing 4000 btu’s is not a big deal. (It is more important if you use an electric heater: an 8 kw unit, can only put off about 20,000 btus in an hour.)

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What is the ideal size for a sauna?

A good size for an average two or three person sauna is from 4′ x 6′ to 5′ x 7′. Depending on the number of users and the set-up, the sizes can go up to 12′ x 12′, while also one-person 3′ x 3′ saunas still work. Public saunas are usually at least 100 square feet in size.

What is the best heater for a sauna?

8 Best Sauna Heaters In 2021

  • OUR TOP PICK. Finlandia FLB-60 Sauna Heater. CHECK LATEST PRICE.
  • EDITORS CHOICE. Turku Wet&Dry Electric Sauna Heater. CHECK LATEST PRICE.
  • BEST VALUE. VEVOR Wall Mount 9KW Steam Sauna Heater. CHECK LATEST PRICE.

How much KW does a sauna use?

As a rough calculation, a 1000W sauna will use around 1 kWh (1 kilowatt per hour) of electricity. You can therefore calculate your costs by multiplying how much energy your sauna uses by how much your electric company charges you for 1 kilowatt per hour.

Can I use an electric heater for a sauna?

Most saunas are heated by electricity. There are also wood-fired saunas. Can an electric heater cause electric shock? Electric heaters are safe to use when installed correctly.

What adjusted cubic feet?

ACF (Adjusted Cubic Feet) – The adjusted size (in cubic feet) of a steam shower enclosure determined by a calculation that considers many variables including construction materials, unique room features and actual cubic footage in order to determine the appropriate Kilowatt rating and model of steam shower generator.

How hot can an electric sauna heater get?

Electric Saunas United States UL code has set the max temperature of an electric sauna heater at 194° F, and many models can reach that temperature in less than ten minutes. Some models allow pre-programming, so you can have your sauna ready when you want it.

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What size is a 4 person sauna?

The typical traditional sauna is 6 feet by 5 feet, with upper and lower benches, easily enough room for a family of four.

How big should a 4 person sauna be?

The Right Size for a Sauna Typical room sizes are from 4 by 4 feet to 8 by 12 feet. When planning a sauna’s size, figure you’ll need at least 2 feet of bench space for each bather; ideally, bathers should be able to recline, so, if possible, allow 6 feet in one direction.

How big of a sauna do I need for 4 people?

If you’re looking to build your very own infrared sauna at home, you won’t need much more than 1.5-square meters of space. If you’re looking to build a four-person sauna to accommodate guests in style, you may need at least three-square meters of space.

Do saunas need to be vented?

Venting is not required for any safety reasons but it does make the Sauna atmosphere more comfortable. It’s best to have a lower (intake) vent and an upper (exhaust) vent in a Sauna to provide for good air circulation. The lower vent brings air in for a comfortable atmosphere, and the upper vent dispels used air.

Can you use a wood stove for a sauna?

A sauna wood burning stove also takes longer to heat up and requires additional work to build the fire. If you have a wood-burning fireplace in your home, this will be a familiar process, and you can use wood for both your sauna and your fireplace.

Which is better infrared sauna or steam sauna?

In terms of health benefits; while the hot air from a traditional steam sauna creates surface sweat, the gentle heat from infrared saunas raises the core body temperature – delivering a much deeper sweat, more intensive detoxification process and increased health benefits.

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