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MPS therapy is a hybrid modality that applies concentrated, low frequency, microcurrent stimulation to a special combination of key acupuncture, motor, and trigger points for the treatment of pain and the release of scar tissue and adhesions. It provides a convenient, portable and uniquely powerful approach to pain management.


The MPS device is engineered to detect and stimulate therapeutically active points with great scientific precision. This unique approach for the relief of pain, scar tissue and adhesions has been developed with input from healthcare professionals and has been thoroughly tested for over 30 years.


The end result is a simple, natural, and effective approach for the relief of pain and treatment of external and internal scarring. It is our belief the MPS Therapy will greatly assist many suffering patients, dramatically improving their quality of life.

MPS Therapy – Leading the Way in

Pain Management


MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation) Therapy is a hybrid modality combining the principles of acupuncture and modern neurology to treat neuro-myofascial pain. It was developed over the course of three decades by a team of dedicated therapists. Since then, MPS Therapy has become the leader in the fight against chronic pain.


How Does it Work?


MPS Therapy works by applying concentrated stimulation to specific points in the body. These points have been recognized by the medical and scientific community as highly effective for treating many health conditions. These points isolate specific nerves, muscles, and tissues involved in your or your patient’s pain or injury.



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TMJ is one of many conditions treated with MPS Therapy.

MPS Scar Release, Accupuncture


Releasing of scar tissue is a simple and effective treatment.



There are two general types of electric current: the back-and-forth flow of alternating current (AC), which powers most of our household appliances, and direct current (DC), which flows in one direction. While TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) devices utilize alternating current, MPS therapy uses direct current, mirroring the current (or electron flow) of the human nervous system.


Unlike TENS devices, MPS uses a non-invasive, metal tip, not pads, to apply low-amperage stimulation current directly to the skin, providing precise pain therapy. Milliamperage TENS devices produce thousands of times more current than microamperage (mA) MPS, in order to contract muscles and offer relief. The traditional TENS approach using milliamperage may not always be effective.