One of the most important aspects of a colon-hydro therapy treatment is the therapist you choose to receive treatments from. There are several questions you should always ask when seeking a professional to go to. Experience makes a difference.   Sue over 10 years of experience. 


  • Where did you receive your training?  

Sue Ontiveros received her training from Suncoast School of Massage, receiving her license in 2007. She continued her training in the specialized field of colon hydro-therapy from the Wood Hygienic Institute starting in 2006. She passed her state board exams with the highest honors. Sue worked as a colon therapist before opening Essentials for Health in 2008.

  • How long have you been licensed?

Sue has been licensed since 2007.


  • How many colonics have you performed?  This is a very important question. A colon therapist may receive their license, but not begin performing colonics for months or even years later. 


Sue was actually in a unique position that had her gaining experience during her training period by working at a colon therapy office. She has been performing colonics since October of 2006 and became licensed in 2007. Essentials for Health was opened in 2008. It is estimated that she has performed over 25,000 colonics. 


  • What method of colon hydro therapy do you perform?

There are three main types of colonics....


We, at Essentials for Health, chose the Wood’s Gravity Flow method because it is the original and most gentle form of colon therapy. It’s safe, effective and easy on your colon. Having excessive pressure may damage the colon and impair proper peristalsis (contractions of the colon muscle).  No pain, no gain is not a phrase for a colonic treatment. When the water infuse is slow and gentle, the body relaxes and waste is easily removeed. 


Another method is by a machine. This is a pressurized system. The Wood’s method is known to be more gentle and effective.


Finally is the open system. This is not a true colonic as it cannot reach the full five feet of the colon. The open system is performed by you, the client! As a licensed colon therapist, the training required to perform a colonic is quite arduous. I suggest you seek a licensed practitioner for your colon therapy needs.


 Sue Ontiveros has the experience, passion, and commitment to lead you on your path to a healthier life. 


Choosing a Colon Therapist