Often asked: What Is The Infrared Sensor Used For In Ev3?

The digital EV3 Infrared Seeking Sensor detects proximity to the robot and reads signals emitted by the EV3 Infrared Beacon. Students can create remotely-controlled robots, navigate obstacle courses and learn how infrared technology is used in TV remotes, surveillance systems and even in target acquisition equipment.

How does the Lego infrared sensor work?

Infrared sensor (distance) Proximity – The infrared sensor sends an infrared signal and detects the reflection of this signal by an object in front of the sensor. The strength of the reflected signal can be used to estimate the distance to the object. Its maximum range is approximately 100 cm.

How many sensors are there in EV3?

The Education EV3 Core Set (45544) set consists of: 1 EV3 programmable brick, 2 Large Motors, 1 Medium Motor, 2 Touch Sensors, 1 Color Sensor, 1 Gyroscopic Sensor, 1 Ultrasonic Sensor, cables, USB cable, 1 Rechargeable battery and 547 TECHNIC elements.

What is an EV3 sensor?

The digital EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor generates sound waves and reads their echoes to detect and measure distance from objects. It can also send single sound waves to work as sonar or listen for a sound wave that triggers the start of a program.

Can you use NXT sensors with EV3?

EV3 sensors CANNOT be used with the NXT brick, but EV3 motors CAN be used with the NXT. It is not possible to connect the new EV3 sensors to the NXT brick. However, you can use both Large and Medium EV3 motors with the NXT brick as if they are normal NXT motors.

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What will replace Lego EV3?

LEGO Mindstorms has been a mainstay of the educational/robotics platform of the LEGO Product line for over 20 years now. Today, the LEGO Group has announced 51515 Robot Inventor, replacing the EV3 set, 31313, after 7 years.

What is a color sensor?

Color sensors detect the color of a surface. The sensors cast light (red, green, and blue LEDs) on the objects to be tested, calculate the chromaticity coordinates from the reflected radiation and compare them with previously stored reference colors.

How do I get my ev3 to follow a white line?


  1. Start the program.
  2. Start motors B and C (drive forward with a curve toward the line).
  3. Wait for the Color Sensor to detect the color black.
  4. Start motors B and C (drive forward with a curve away from the line).
  5. Wait for the Color Sensor to detect the color white.
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 forever.

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