What is the difference between a colonic and an enema?

An enema merely flushes out the lower end of the colon where the waste matter collects.  The average enema uses only about one quart of water, while a colonic uses between 10 to 20 gallons and cleanses the entire five feet of the bowel.  Water is introduced at the rate of one to two pints at a time, and then is expelled.  This action will soften and wash away impactions in the colon. 

Do colonics wash the good bacteria out of the colon?

Colonics will cleanse the good and bad bacteria from the colon, but at the same ratio. There should be 20% bad bacteria and 80% good bacteria. During a colonic, each are rinsed at the same amout; then the colon will re-colonize the flora. We are also cleansing large amounts of toxins and putrefied matter from the colon.  Therefore, the environment to re-establish the good bacteria is much better, so it is important to take a good probiotic (good bacteria) after getting colonics.


Who should not receive colonics?

  • Children under the age of 6

  • Anyone diagnosed with colon cancer, colitis, or Crohn's disease

  • Anyone who has under gone abdominal surgery in the past six weeks. With a note from your doctor, they may be performed sooner

  • Pregnant women may receive colon therapy only if they have been receiving colonics in the past, or with doctor approval

Is a colonic painful?

No!  After the appropriate size speculum is inserted into the rectum, separate rubber tubing carries the water in and waste out in a lightly pressurized system.  Only minor, temporary discomfort may result if you expel gas, old waste material, or have an extremely congested colon.  Once this matter is eliminated you may experience feeling lighter, have a flattened stomach, and increased energy.  Your colon is on its way to working properly. 


Who can benefit from colonics?

Almost everyone can benefit from internal cleansing.  The average American diet consists of refined, and devitalized foods full of chemicals, artificial colors, and flavors that we just were not designed to digest and eliminate.  This results in an accumulation of fecal matter that makes us sick.  


How many colonics are needed?  

Each individual has different requirements; your therapist will help you decide what is needed for you.  But, an effective cleansing program involves a series of colonics, combined with a healthy diet, to detoxify the body and rebuild and rejuvenate the bowel.  Many people feel a big difference after just one colonic, as old fecal matter is washed out.  The removal of large amounts of waste buildup is a gradual process and varies for each individual.    


Is colon irrigation harmful in any way?

No.  Unlike laxatives, which inflame and irritate the colon and can be habit-forming, a colonic is a gentle, thorough cleansing.   Greater harm results from not washing out the toxic material inside the colon.


Also, understand that in the state of Florida we are licensed colon therapists. The state regulatory board oversees the school that teaches colon therapy, they create a state board exam, and require continuing education to keep our license active. If colonics were harmful, would the state allow them to be practiced? 


Do I have to do anything special?

There is nothing special you have to do.  It is best to not eat a heavy meal two hours before your scheduled appointment.  Not that it would interfere with the treatment, but because we do abdominal massage and having a full tummy could make it uncomfortable and some people experience nausea. For your initial appointment, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time so that you may fill out our confidential case history form.


What about privacy?

Your privacy is maintained at all times.  We have special colonic shorts that you will be asked to put on.  The rear seam has not been sewn, this enables the therapist to have access while maintaining our clients privacy.


What exactly happens during a colonic?

After relieving your bladder and changing into our colonic shorts, the colon therapist will go over everything that happens during the colonic.  You will begin by lying on your left side.  The therapist will take a look at your bottom to see the condition and size of the opening.  She will then warm and lubricate the scope, she will also let you know when it is going to be inserted.  When the water starts to flow you will feel a slight pressure in the abdomen. This is pressure, not pain.  Part way through the colonic you will be asked to roll onto your back.  While in this position the colon therapist will begin to do abdominal massage.  This is done to help loosen the fecal matter trapped in the colon.  To finish the therapy you will be asked to again lie on your left side, the treatment will be finished, and the scope will be removed.  You may then go to the bathroom, releasing any remaining water or fecal matter, and change back into your clothes. 


Do doctors recommend colonics before a colonoscopy?

I have cleansed the colon for many people prior to a colonoscopy. It is very effective and tolerated much better than the standard preparations. Human research studies have shown the effecacy of colonics in colonoscopy preparation.

Watch a channel 8 news report at https://www.youtube.com/watchv=TeWjxHspRKs&feature=youtu.be

Your prices are lower than many, why?

We often hear other offices charge $75.00 and even more for the same treatment. We also do NOT charge extra for the intitial appointment, eventhough it does take longer to perform.  Colon therapy treatments are scheduled every 45 minutes, giving us ample time to cleanse the colon properly. Our price is $60.00 for a colonic because we know that it takes more than one treatment for most people to find relief.  We are most interested in helping our clients to feel better, that is why we keep our prices as low as possible.


Do you offer package pricing?

No, we do not for colonics, but we do for the NIR sauna. In today's economic crisis it may be difficult for someone to pay for three or more colonics all at once. Sauna prices are lower, so we do offer packages. Many places who offer packages have an expiration date! If you don't use it, you lose it! That doesn't seem fair to us.


How much time does a colonic take?

For your initial appointment, please plan to be with us for an hour, subsequent appointments are scheduled every 45 minutes.  We find most colonics are completed within 30-40 minutes, but there are times when additional time is needed.  It is our desire to give you the time you need for a complete cleansing of your colon.


How do I set an appointment?

Just call or text our office to schedule your appointment at 727.906.6675.  Visit our contact page to see our office hours.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or personal check.  Payment is expected at time of service.


What if I have to reschedule an appointment?

  • We appreciate the opportunity to serve your health needs.  Please be respectful of the time we have set aside for you.  If you must change an appointment, we require 24 hours notice so that we may fill the time with someone else in need. If you miss an appointment without giving proper notice, we regret that we will have to charge you a fee of $30 for the first time, and full fee for treatments missed thereafter.

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