I’m continuing my nutritional counseling, bowel regulation through diet and weight loss programs.  Thank you!  For over 10 years I have had the honor to serve your health needs through colon therapy. Now it’s time to move in a new direction, yet still help you with your health.


Why have I stopped offering colonics? I no longer feel that COLONICS ARE HEALTHY for the average person. Science shows that our gut bacteria plays an important part in our overall health. It communicates so much information to our brain about calorie burning for weight loss, melatonin for sleep, and the release of happy hormones, like dopamine and serotonin! As we learn more, we must do better. That’s why I am sharing this information with you.

Please consider what we now know about the bacteria in our colon. It is vital to keep the ratio of good to bad bacteria intact. Be thoughtful about how often you cleanse the bowel and consider taking Restore and the products from LifeVantage for optimal health. I’m happy to give you a free 20 minute consultation and share with you how too can benefit from activating your body.

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